Marcus Carey
Attorney at Law

Marc graduated with honors from law school and began his private practice in 1980.  Since then he has focused his attention and intense study on the skills necessary to effectively represent ordinary people who find themselves vulnerable to circumstances requiring legal knowledge. Chief among these has been helping people who suffered life changing injuries, big and small, but who deserved full compensation.

While many of his contemporaries became members of law firms and were subjected to the demands of making money by the billable hour, Marc set out on his own, unfettered by the profit driven shackles of the large firm setting, and better able to focus on the needs of his individual clients.

Over the years many of Marc's clients have become friends and most have become the source of referrals that have allowed Marc to raise his family, become an active member of his community and to stay connected with the people he represents.  

Marc has placed a very high priority on one philosophy: treating each and every client the way he would want his own family treated if they needed a lawyer.

With 41 years of real world experience, of trying cases to successful conclusions, winning millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for thousands of clients, Marc has never lost his focus.

He is not interested in grandstanding, having a huge public image, making outlandish claims in TV commercials, or appearing as a character with disrespect for the relationship he develops with his clients.  Rather Marc is devoted to representing the whole of a client, considering every impact the work he does will have on the life and future of all involved.

He has tried cases in courtrooms where no verdicts had been obtained in decades, and won hundreds of thousands of dollars for clients by his skill in telling the trusted and ordinary people of the jury the truth that many lawyers cannot describe because they have lost connection with the real people they represent.

There is more to experience than meets the eye.  In the case of Marcus Carey, that experience is based upon over 4 decades of caring for people, staying true to principles, dedication to the propriety and ethics of the legal profession and quietly delivering the success and results that follow.