Marcus Carey has decades of experience representing individuals who have been injured as a result of an unsafe product that was designed, manufactured, sold or furnished by a company or individual.  Your case will be evaluated from every angle for fair compensation for your injuries. We represent employees who are injured on the job in claims other than workers compensation.

It is important examine your case for all possible causes of action.


Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. Marcus Carey has over 36 years experience navigating the twists and turns of negotiating with insurance companies and if necessary, winning within the court system to make sure you are justly compensated for all of your current and future damages.  


About Marcus Carey, Areas of Practice

 About Marc Carey

​Marc has served in many leadership positions within his state bar association as well as having a long history of writing and speaking about professional and governmental ethics.

His approach differs from many attorneys.  Marc treats every client the way he would want his own family treated if they needed a lawyer, caring about not only the outcome of the case, but also the impact of the entire experience on you and your future.

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Marcus Carey is a successful lawyer with over 41 years experience in providing his many thousand clients expert advice dedicated to advancing their best interests. He is an accomplished advocate in the courtroom, a trusted advisor and a respected negotiator.


​Marcus Carey is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of people accused of all types of criminal cases, from minor infractions, traffic violations and misdemeanors to charges, such as, drug possession, narcotics sales, theft, assault, battery, burglary, robbery, conspiracy and high profile and serious felony cases involving white collar fraud, embezzlement, sex offenses, arson and even murder.

In these most difficult of all circumstances, your lawyer's experience, reputation and integrity will affect the quality of the advice and treatment you receive.

When facing criminal charges it is no time to discount the importance of these two qualities.

"CARE" is the most important part of my name" -Marcus Carey


If someone is hurt by the negligence of another person or business, they may have a claim for the personal injuries that they sustained. The Damages which may be available for a personal injury claim include damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, lost earning capacity, mental anguish, and compensation for property damage.  

Each type of damage and what must be proven to receive compensation and will be carefully explained every step along the way.

Marcus Carey
Attorney at Law